I choose Sisel and welcome you,

It is amazing to learn what our government allows in skin care products and cosmetics. Women have four times more toxins than men in their system directly related to our skin care regimen. Think about your bathroom vanity, look at a woman’s items compared to a man’s, a woman uses many more personal care products. I wasn’t aware of the dangers until my husband and I started trying to live a healthier life and began to look for safe products to use in our home and on our bodies.

I am so relieved to have found Sisel International. Sisel is all about manufacturing products made with non-harmful ingredients and they have created over 150 safe effective personal care and health and wellness products.

The owner and chief scientist, Tom Mower Sr., is committed to creating the most effective safe products. Tom recently made a short video letting all of us know the FDA has determined that the ingredient Retinyl Palmitate is not safe. This ingredient was only used in a couple Sisel products in a very tiny amount as an antioxidant and as soon as he was informed of this discovery he immediately removed it and shared this information with everyone involved with Sisel. He replaced that ingredient with Resveratrol. That speaks volumes to me, he could have kept this information to himself but instead not only shared it he made a video that is on the media section of Sisel International website.

Tom has also made a video sharing the dangers of other very common ingredients in most cosmetics and skin care lines. The unbelievable thing about these ingredients is the government has approved them and even though we all know the dangers now, these ingredients are grandfathered in just like cigarettes. Scientific studies show they penetrate into our skin and blood system.

For example, propylene glycol is an extremely common ingredient used in skin care products because of the smoothing effect it creates. Guess what, it is used in paints and varnishes and is brake fluid, industrial anti-freeze that may damage your liver and kidneys.

Another is Parabens, it is a common preservative used in many products. This is an Endocrine disruptor, which are chemicals that interfere with endocrine (or hormone system). These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. Specifically, they are known to cause learning disabilities, severe attention deficit disorder, cognitive and brain development problems, deformations of the body (including limbs), sexual development problems, feminizing of males or masculine effects on females, etc. Hormone disruptors can derail any system in the body controlled by hormones.

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on. Sisel has made a stand to use only safe but just as important effective ingredients in their products. Other companies can make a label claim because they may add a tiny ineffective amount of a powerful ingredient. This way they can over charge and under deliver, skip the makeup counters at the mall and save yourself from putting 4 times more toxins in your body. At Sisel, Tom makes sure his products contain the proper amount of the active ingredients to produce the results stated for each product. They don’t spend a ridiculous amount of money advertising in magazines; the money is spent on the ingredients to create the safest effective products on the market today.

Sisel makes sense, get rid of the cosmetics and creams with toxins and use Sisel. We would love to talk with you and share what products are right for you. If you are interested in starting your own Sisel business and earning extra income contact us today. We welcome each and every one of you, whether you become a Sisel customer or join our Sisel Business.

I choose Sisel International and highly recommend you choose Sisel too!

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