Avoid Cosmetics: Save Your Skin, Save Your Face

Yes, you read that right! That is what owner and head of research and development, Tom Mower Sr. of Sisel International suggests to women. He suggests this because he is painfully aware of the harmful ingredients our government allows cosmetic companies to put in the products women use every day. Almost all of these products have toxic chemicals that actually make the skin age faster and affect your health based on research Tom has done.

The realization that beauty product benefits are physic rather than rational, meaning the sad truth is there is very little difference in ingredients and formulation between one brand and another, regardless if you are shopping at the corner drug store or the expensive beauty counter in the mall.

Unlike laundry detergent that has to work or your clothes aren’t clean and you can’t wear them, beauty products are based on how each product makes you feel, smell, and if you think it’s really working. For example, wrinkle creams usually just puff up the skin temporarily, hold in toxins and moisture, and often irritate the skin making it again swell that makes it appear smoother.

With a background in Industrial Chemical Manufacturing and Distributing, Tom began evaluating personal care products, and was completely shocked at the ingredients used in beauty products like shampoo, facial cleansers, etc. He found some of the ingredients are the same one used to clean a garage floor.

That is where Sisel International comes in; Tom decided to make personal care products without harmful toxins. Being a scientist, Tom is very familiar with the toxins and their dangers like how certain toxins are estrogen mimics and known carcinogens. There are over 150 over highly toxic chemicals used in personal care products. Simply washing your hair with toxins can affect your health over time. The reason being the toxins are absorbed into your skin and blood stream and can affect your brain, eyes, and major organs affecting your long-term health.

Another startling statistic is women have 4 times more toxins in their system than men. Skin damage is 90% environmental and 10% genetic. We all want to look good but at what cost? I know what I have in my bathroom vanity compared to my husband. It’s hard to believe there are over 29 potentially harmful ingredients in lipstick and that shampoo is actually affecting the sperm count in men and affecting the unborn fetus. I am not trying to scare you I am opening your eyes so you can make an educated choice as to what you put in and on not only your body but what your purchase for your family to use as well.

I know I am always going to wear makeup, so that is why I am so passionate about finding safe products that actually work. Sisel has created a line of mineral base products without toxic heavy metals.

Our skin is affected by ultra violet light, toxins in the air we breathe, and the food and water we consume daily and becomes damaged by oxidizing. Wrinkles form by our skin constricting to protect itself.

We all want healthy looking skin, but how do we achieve this goal. We all must start by choosing skin care without chemicals. Sisel provide an easy step-by-step process to follow.

1.   Cleanse and rinse face

2.  Depending on the severity of your skin, apply the ultra intensive wrinkle cream or intensive wrinkle cream

3.  Apply Skin Du – this sets the wrinkle cream and penetrates it even further into the skin

4.  Apply Actify 6000 – this resveratrol component latches onto the skin and holds up to 6000 times its weight in moisture without sealing it

5.  The last but very important step is Rapid Repair Night Cream. You should always remove your makeup before bed and apply the Rapid Repair Night Cream; your skin will feel wonderful in the morning.

Tom doesn’t pretend this is a miracle system. He states that over time your skin will look and feel younger and suggests taking a photo before you begin and periodically compare the results over a 3-6 month period. I have been using these products for over a month now and definitely see an improvement. The choice is yours to make.

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