It has been a very long cold winter. I am so ready to throw on some shorts and sandals and head out to enjoy the warmer weather. If you are anything like me, you may have indulged in a few to many desserts over the winter. It’s easy to throw on your sweats and curl up on the coach during cold winter nights and watch a movie with your honey. My husband and I have a slight Ben and Jerry’s addiction. He has his favorite pint and I have my favorite pint, peanut butter cup. As much as I love it, my thighs hate it!!!

This is where Sisel ReCurve comes to the rescue. I have been using ReCurve twice a day on my inner and outer thighs for over a month and guess what, it’s helping! The texture has definitely improved and my skin actually feels better. My legs are not perfect but I can see and feel the difference already. If you aren’t happy with certain areas on your body, try ReCurve now, you will be so glad you did. So start looking for a new cute pair of shorts because with ReCurve you won’t have to worry how your legs look anymore.

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