Tom Mower along with his son, Tom Mower Jr. founded Sisel International. Sisel is the largest manufacturing plant for superior personal care products and dietary supplements.

Unfortunately the longer we live the faster we age. We continue to grow up to about age 25 then we start to deteriorate at a faster rate as we age and end up dying at around 75 years old. However with our genetic potential we could live up to 100 – 150 years old, which really means we are dying at middle age. Living longer sounds wonderful but it’s the quality of life I am concerned with, that is where Sisel comes into the picture. In order to live a longer healthy life we need to have the proper nutrients and remove toxins and cellular waste that accumulates within the cell itself. Tom Mower Sr., head of the huge research and development department at Sisel, has developed products that allow us to grow old without losing quality of life. For example, Sisel Eternity is just one of Sisel products. I’m sure you have heard how red wine is a source of resveratrol. The only problem is you would have to drink 274 glasses of red wine to reap the benefits. I like red wine but not that much! With Eternity you only need 1/2 ounce because it is made in such a highly concentrated form.

We all want to look and feel young and most of us will try anything to achieve that goal. We purchase products that promise to do everything and most over promise and under deliver. Take anti-aging skin creams, these products cost a fortune and most are loaded with toxins that suffocate and suppress the skin which in turn makes you age faster. Most companies use low amounts of the ingredint needed to support their claim for each product or have it in the wrong form. Sisel products are made with high concentrations of the most powerful extraordinary ingredients found in nature.

Sisel offers scientifically proven products for a variety of results. Sisel weight-loss products can offer rapid results. When you do your part by exercising and eating right you will see amazing results quickly. For energy, stay away from the rise and crash products and use Sisel products that work with your own body. Sisel offers a variety of skin care products to make you look better, such as neck creams, cream to help boney hands and sagging skin, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Start using Sisel products to slow down the rapid aging process and bring that process back to where it should be. Sisel doesn’t promise overnight results. Some things work fast and others take longer, such as wrinkles that are heavy and deep. They won’t go away overnight it is a process that works over time without harmful ingredients.

Sisel’s oath is to keep up with the science and continue to create vastly superior products that really work. We all have the ability to live a very long life in very good health. Remember, we didn’t age overnight and we can’t reverse it overnight.  Start now to care for your body inside and out and enjoy a long healthy life.

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